21 Days of Fasting

Dear Church, 

As we enter 2023, we will be joining in with churches around the globe in 21 days of fasting. We take this opportunity to expand our reach within local communities and the reach of the Church through many different avenues. The list below is what we will be working on as a Church to start a fresh in 2023.  

These are the specific things we will be praying for as a church community. 
  1. Praying for Gods kingdom to come & be established in our lives, For a fresh hunger for the things of God
  2. Praying for Bradford and particularly our local community here in bd6 and beyond. 
  3. Praying for more workers and our outreach/Evangelism efforts at New Hope
  4. Praying over our home leg, the work of Bamboo and further work in our local community. 
  5. Praying for Salvations/Baptisms
  6. Praying for more families to join the life of our church
  7. Praying for our Elderly to feel loved, connected
  8. College & Career group (16age-30age)
  9. Praying for under 16’s & kidzone workers. 
  10. God would connect us to the right partner regarding our next steps into Bradford, Leeds and beyond (3rd barn – away leg)

Types of fasting

There are various types of things you can Fast. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing, you need to think about something that takes up a lot of your time. This could be food, social media, gaming, reading or even going out with friends every week. If something has taken over a lot of time in your life, this would be the ideal thing to Fast. Anything that you can do less of, in order to spend more time with God. 

An example of what you could do is below, alongside some links to give you more advice on the different types of fast (click on the coloured text).

Monday- Daniel fast
Tuesday 7pm- start 24hr fast
Wednesday 7pm 24 hr fast. (Close fast)
Thursday – Fast books/tv 
Friday- Fast social media (Facebook etc)
Saturday- Daniel fast 
Sunday- social media/ games etc
Take a look here for more guidance and advice from FourSquares who are hosting our prayer and Fasting in January. Here you can find a Prayer guide and a Family Prayer Guide.