Stewardship Course

Stewardship (and babyshower)

Then, event N⁰2, Shaz and Joe’s baby shower. It was so lovely to watch and see. Some prayers some ministry and worship made the event a blessing for all in attendance and most of all Shaz Joe and Mila. 
Pray for continued Growth and Blessing for Rock church everyone. 🙏
What a brilliant night learning about Stewardship! The message was just as filling as the physical food that Tracy, Andrea, and Shelly prepared and served so gracefully and generously. Pork Tacos to finish Wednesday? Yes, please! 
We gathered together and broke bread, creating an environment of fellowship, one in which the Holy Spirit could convict us during the teaching. 
Money isn’t an easy subject to discuss, but we have to remember that Jesus did. Robert Moriss’s lesson was so revelatory and poignant for today’s world that it’d be a shame if anyone missed it.