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A wonderful place to eat, greet and relax

We opened our café in 2022. Come and join us for breakfast or lunch.

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Our menu can change each week, dependant on availability and donations. For an up-to-date menu please see the blackboard inside the café.


I have just been for a coffee and sandwich to Bamboo Connect and wanted to get in touch about my experience. I had an idea the cafe was connected to the church, but that's about all really.

I walked in and was immediately greeted in a genuinely warm way by a lovely lady who took my order - a new experience for me in any cafe. I'm sorry, I didn't get her name, but was extremely grateful for even a smile and hello. When I asked about the price, she explained how the cafe works and that was surprise number two for me. A gentleman also came and had a brief chat with me about the cafe while I was there and again, he came across as warm and pleasant to talk to.

Having worked from home for three years and living alone means I can often go for long periods without much (or any) human contact. It has been very isolating and at times a challenging and difficult way to live. To be greeted in such a way in a cafe is, as I said, unusual and it really made my day to have someone make the effort to be kind and talk to me, even briefly.

In terms of the cost of food and drink in the cafe and the philosophy behind it, I am blown away. Considering how much hardship there is out there at the moment for so many people, having a place where they can have somewhere safe and non-judgemental to eat and drink with no cost if they cannot afford it is just amazing and huge respect to your church for setting up such a venture. What a lovely way to treat people.

The people I met in the cafe today epitomise how we should all treat each other and how I was brought up. It doesn't cost anything to be kind, courteous and respectful and I certainly felt valued as a human being today throughout my visit.

Such a simple thing as a smile can make a huge impact on how someone feels and if that was all I took from my visit today, I'd have been happy and cheered up. As it stands, I came home with so much more and want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the people I met. I shall be back for another fab coffee and bacon sandwich soon. I hope the cafe is a huge success for you. Thank you.
We have visited a few times during the school holidays with our teens. The volunteers greet each person and make you feel so welcome. The food is delicious, well presented and nobody asks you for money, you just offer a donation either on the table or at the counter. There is no pressure at all to pay.
Since I started to attend the Bamboo Café each week I have felt a lot different. Ali and the volunteers made me so welcome and supported me when I needed help. My mental health has improved a lot since I started visiting. The café is a lovely calm place to sit and chat, to meet new people. I have seen it make a difference in the community with people coming together. The service is friendly and I have even started helping out by reaching out to others who attend. I feel like I have a new start with people who wrap their arms around you and make you feel welcome.