Our People

Meet the Team

Oliver & Lorraine Evans

Senior Servants

Oliver and Lorraine serve as the senior leaders of the fellowship, casting vision and encouraging people generally to get closer to Jesus! Oly is part of the Sports Chaplaincy UK family, and is Chaplain to Bradford City Football Club.

We believe the next two years will be a significant period at The Rock Church – ‘2023-2025’ as we look to move forward into all that God has for us as a church fellowship.

We joined the church in 2011 and have ten distinctives as a Church community. We use these as a plumbline in our teaching and discipleship programs:

Reach • Preach • Teach
Encounter • Inspire
Serve • Loyalty • Generosity
Christ-like • Unity


David is married to Rita; they have been at Rock Church for many years, and they have encouraged us all. David is Elder Emeritus, bringing a wealth of experience and a deeply rooted prayer life.


David serves our governance, ensuring policies follow legislation and guidance.

The Holy Spirit is the best helper and counsellor for all our issues. Knowledge of the truth (Jesus) will free us.

Louise Hattersley

Louise has two daughters, Molly and Lucy. Louise looks after the church finances. 


I serve in Safeguarding. If you feel someone is being hurt or will hurt themselves, then I am the person you should tell. All in confidence unless support is needed from others.  Hurt can include neglectful, physical, mental or verbal behaviours.


Paul and Fiona

It is an honour and privilege to lead people in Worship. Worship for us is about humility and the glorious fact we can enter His presence in Grace so that we can stand right at the throne and worship our Father through Jesus.
For more on Worship please click here.

Fran & Abi

The fellowship gives us the Hope of God’s greatness in the unity of faith.

We serve in prayer, organising monthly prayer meetings.

Specific Points of Contact

Vikki Lomas

Website and Social Media

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation – Mark 16:15

I maintain the Church website, Instagram and Facebook page; to keep everyone informed as to what events are coming up for the Church and what we have been doing. It is vital for us to keep up-to-date to ensure people stay current with the vision of Rock Church.

Neil & Sheila Pearson

Welcome Team

We have been given the privilege of serving the ‘Welcome’ ministry; which deals with how we take care of people who pay us the honour of visiting Rock Church.


Julie Azeki

Bamboo at Rock Centre

Julie oversees the running of Bamboo, ensuring the health and Safety standards are kept and maintained.

Ian Lomas & Amanda Briggs

First Aid

Our responsibility within the church will be to ensure that our first aid provision will provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and people.

We are both fully qualified to ensure that standards within Rock Church and Rock Centre are up to legal requirements.


Ellen & Wendy

Pastoral Care & Silver Linings Group

We regularly visit members of the fellowship who are unable to attend the Sunday service due to ill health or their age; giving communion to those who would like to receive it. We also visit those who are in hospital or care homes.